Liz Fernandes

LPGA Teaching Professional

photo of Liz Fernandes

Phone: 914-723-5202
Email: [email protected]

Liz Fernandes is joining us for her fourth session as our LPGA Teaching Professional at Scarsdale Golf Club. She oversees the Player Development of our students and creates a fun enjoyable environment for all ages. As a Titleist Performance Institute golf instructor, knowledge of both the golf swing and the mobility of the body make working with students so much more effective. “Every golfer’s physical make-up is different and as a result, so are their golf swings. Anyone, regardless of their size, age or physical ability, is capable of developing a repetitive golf swing. My job is to make sure you fully understanding how this relationship works within your golf swing ultimately resulting in a more consistent and repetitive motion while also giving you the tools to self-diagnose and make corrections on the fly.” Liz has been working with students in golf fitness for over 8 years and teaching golf for 12 years. She has experience in golf operation, teaching, playing at collegiate level, coaching and fitness. She spends her winters in La Quinta, California as the Director of Instruction at Rancho La Quinta. She received a Bachelor of Art from Northern Kentucky University with a minor in Photography/Graphic design. In her spare time, Liz, enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Cash and Hunter, & fiancé, Grant.

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