Guest Information and Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required at all times throughout the Clubhouse and Club grounds. Members are responsible for the attire of their children, children’s care-givers, and all guests. The dress code applies to all adults and all children, regardless of their age. Members and their guests are not permitted to change clothes or shoes in the parking lot; it is only permitted in the locker rooms.

Hosts of special events may have personal requirements for clothing attire. It is always the Club's recommendation that any guest attending an event here should contact the Host or Hosts to confirm any questions about attire.

Attire Not Permitted On Club Grounds
(including the golf, tennis, paddle, pool and bowling areas of the Club)

  • blue jeans or blue denim apparel of any kind
  • fatigues
  • camouflage clothes
  • pajama-style pants
  • sweat suits
  • T-shirts
  • bare midriffs

The main parking lot is located on the left after the Club entrance. Guests attending special events can either self park or use the valet service if available. The Club recommends either calling the host of the event or the receptionist at the Club to find out if a valet service will be available.

Cell phones and electronic devices may not be used in the Clubhouse, this includes texting, emailing, and voicecalls. While at the Club all cell phones and electronic devices must be set on silent mode and may be responded to or used only in the Clubhouse restrooms and parking lot.

Hand held electronic devices include the following:

• PDA's
• Electronic Games
• MP3 & iPod Players
• Bluetooth Headsets